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Top Reasons Why Most People Fail To Make Money

Four Main Reasons Why People Fail In MLM

1. Overpriced, Undervalued Products

I think most people would agree that a large portion of mlm opportunities involve products which are sold through network marketing programs. This isn’t a negative. However, what is plain to see is the majority of those companies sell products which have a premium price compared to what retail competitors sell their products for in order to satisfy compensation demands. In addition, the quality of these products is overly exaggerated to justify the premium price tag. 

As a result, people who promote these products end up selling in highly competitive markets against lower priced products of equal value. It also becomes extremely difficult to find customers wiling to buy these products when lower priced alternatives are available.

2. Autoships & Monthly Minimums 

While all small businesses require a constant flow of sales to generate profits, most business opportunities contain some form of monthly required purchase by it’s distributors. It may be represented in the form of monthly membership fees or commission requirements. However, the downside to monthly auto-ships is, quite frankly, the danger of going into debt. While it’s true all businesses must accept the risk of not making sales during short periods of time, most businesses either buy supplies on demand or build up a temporary stock of goods. When sales are not being generated businesses stop making advanced purchases until sales resume. Required monthly auto-ships create pressure on distributors to overstock on supplies, creating a potential collapse if sales do not resume and exceed the stocked supply.

3. Flawed Compensation Program

In addition to the risk element of monthly auto-ship requirements, it is very difficult to find compensation programs which provide sufficient up front income to maintain a home based business. Usually, either a compensation program pays sufficient up front commissions and very low to little residual income, or they pay very little up front income and higher residual income – which usually takes an extremely long time to accomplish.

4. Flawed Business Mindset

The mindset that most “home based business opportunities” promote is one of financial freedom. And what is the requirement to achieve financial freedom, but the acceptance of a different buying mindset?

The belief is that buy selling through direct selling, an individual can create multi-level passive income on a grand scale and it is less-achievable by individual effort. The problem with this mindset is that most people fail to recognize that the other required parts of this machine influence the final results.

By this I mean that it is a waste of time to promote any network marketing program when the previous three flaws still exist. Therefore, when you believe in these types of programs you are promoting a mindset that  must be first accepted (bought into) by the business prospects and customers. It it not a standard method of selling, and it goes against regular shopping and selling practices.

It is a unique idea, though enticing, that creates a natural reduction in potential clients as different companies decide to participate in this method of selling. In other words, an increase of competition also increases the potential for failure. As more companies jump into selling products through network marketing, the smaller the opportunity for most people to build a large sales organization.

Now, i’m sure that these statements may ignite some controversy and alienate some of you. However, there is no denying that network marketing has decreased over the past 20 years.

So What Is The Solution? What’s Working Today?

In comparison to other income opportunities, I’ve discovered a successful business model based on an affiliate program. Similar to mlm, but not mlm, this business provides multiple levels of income and includes some very attractive features. For example, this company has a zero cost registration fee. It is free to join. It also has no monthly membership fees or auto ship requirements and it has no annual fees. So, what’s the risk? There is none.

Auto-ships & Monthly Minimums – NONE!

This business also has zero physical products. It cannot be over hyped. All the products sold with this program are managed and distributed by other companies. We have zero responsibility in distributing products.

Overpriced, Undervalued Products – NONE!

Compared to many other compensation programs, this company is equally generous with the best paying companies. There are 10 different income generating opportunities.

Flawed Compensation Program – NONE!

In comparison to the MLM method, this company’s selling mindset matches traditional selling practices. We don’t have to convince anyone to pay higher prices and anyone on the street is a potential customer. We do not change people’s buying habits. The focus of this business is on attracting regular customers and not on recruiting. Sales are the number one priority. However, we do not have to sell products. Yes, it sounds odd but you will understand once you register and see our video. 

Flawed Business Mindset – NONE!

Every potential flaw in this solution has been tackled. As a result, every member has everything to gain and nothing to lose. The only excuse for not joining this business is simply not having a desire to make money.  

Have any questions? Sign up first and then contact me after registering. Click here to return to Shop Grow Rich.






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