About: Shop Get Rich

Shop Get Rich is an independent team website for it’s affiliate members . 

Our mission is to help our affiliates build the largest organization they have ever been able to achieve and to promote the income opportunity of the shopping network.

The company we promote is an international shopping network which has been certified by the International Organization of Standardization – ISO 9001:2008.

In other words, in comparison to companies that register with the local Better Business Bureau, the company we promote has passed a more vigorous business certification which has been verified to provide what it claims. It’s one of the highest types of business certifications that any company can achieve in the world. 

Additional information about the company is located inside of our website. The reason for not displaying the company name is based on privacy policies which restrict us from using the company name or advertising the name without permission. So, in order to avoid dealing with corporate red tape and internal politics, we instead chose to promote the opportunity and help others make money online.