China will pay $2.6 trillion to U.S. as U.N. sanctions continue

China is poised to pay a $2 trillion settlement to the U.A.E. as it is sanctioned by the United Nations.

The Chinese government will hand over assets valued at $5 trillion, including state-owned companies, to the United States.

The U.K. and the Netherlands will also get $2 billion.

The deal comes after China imposed the largest ever global sanctions against the U,A.N., over its territorial claims to reefs in the South China Sea and the island of Woody Island, which are disputed.

China’s foreign ministry said in a statement the U-A.O.S.-China agreement was a final act of good faith.

“This is a final step in the process of normalizing relations between the two countries,” it said.

The agreement will be announced by China’s envoy to the UN, Wu Xiaoli.

Wu was a member of China’s Supreme People’s Congress and China’s main ally at the U.-A.A.-U.

N summit in March.

The United States is also expected to announce the deal on Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

The resolution will go into effect on April 16.

The $2,000 settlement will be divided among the U.,A.U. and N.T.B. The parties will get an equal share of the settlement and the U.’s share will be $1.5 trillion.

U.O.-U-A.-N talks on the South and East China Seas, held last month in Singapore, ended in a deadlock.

Beijing had demanded that Washington suspend all U. and other U.NS. activities in the region and cut off all military-to-military communications, as well as all trade with China.

The sides reached a deal that will allow U.W. forces to conduct patrols in the disputed waters, which China has occupied since 1895.

The pact will allow the U to send military aircraft to the region as well, though the U’A.S., N.

S and Australia will continue to maintain a presence there.

The agreement also calls for the U .

S. to make good on commitments to pay $7.5 billion to the World Food Program, $6.5 million to the European Union and $2 million to UNICEF.