Porteuse pays €3m for a former employee’s salary and bonus

A former employee of the Porteure Group, a multinational engineering firm in France, was paid €3.5m in compensation by the company, which is owned by the same family who owns the French government, the French media outlet Le Monde reported.

The compensation committee of the Remuneration Committee, which deals with French state contracts, has also approved the payout, which was made by the former employee.

In a statement, the Remo Group said it “welcomed” the compensation and thanked its former employee for his work, the newspaper said.

A Porteue employee who quit in November said that the former employer’s actions were “completely unacceptable”.

In a separate case, another former employee who worked at a French port, was awarded €2.7m for leaving the firm in November 2018.

It is not clear how much the former worker received.

In its statement, Porteute said it had “accepted” the amount.

Portease’s chief executive, Fabrice Bouchard, said he was “deeply sorry” for the “unacceptable behaviour” of the former employees.

“Porteuse is an institution that strives for transparency, professionalism and the highest standards of behaviour,” Mr Bouchards said in a statement.

“We will work with the Remoquière Compensation Committee to ensure that the financial compensation that is paid is fair and proportionate.”