Aiib Remuneration – A Tale of Two Towns

Aiiba is a well-known company in the UAE and one of the biggest companies in the Middle East, which makes a lot of money for its owners, according to the website of the UAE Investment Authority (IIA).

Its main clients are Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The Aiaba Group owns a number of real estate projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Its head office is located in Doha, Qatar.

Aiib is one of a number companies that have received the AIIB’s remunerations and subsidies.

They include: Aisha, a Dubai-based investment company; Aisha Capital Partners, a Doha-based financial institution; Abu Dhabi-based Abu Dhabi Investment Partners; Dubai- based Abu Dhabi Central Bank; Dubai Commercial Banking Corporation; Dubai Asset Management Corporation; Abu Asstany Group, a UAE bank; Dubai Bank; and Dubai Bank Abu Dhabi.

There is no mention of aiiba in the latest Dubai Economic and Commercial Weekly (DECA).

But it has been mentioned in previous editions of the weekly.

The daily, published by the DIA, is run by the country’s Cabinet, which oversees all the government-controlled institutions.

The DIA is responsible for ensuring the safety and stability of the country.

Earlier this year, a number other companies and individuals were given AIIBs’ remunerative awards.

However, the AIAB has yet to issue a formal announcement on the awards.

In March, the group announced it was awarding a total of £12 million to the top 10 UAE companies for 2016.