Trump to announce $1.9 trillion in relief package for victims of Harvey, hurricane

President Donald Trump is expected to announce Thursday that the U.S. will spend $1,9 trillion on relief to survivors of Hurricane Harvey and other storms this year, the White House announced Thursday.

The president has also ordered federal agencies to make $4 billion in investments to aid flood victims.

The plan, which is subject to congressional approval, comes a day after Trump tweeted that he is “not going to be distracted by political posturing.”

In a statement, the president said he would be announcing the relief plan before the end of the week.

“I will be announcing this in a series of tweets as well as on Thursday at the Whitehouse,” he said.

The statement comes days after the president, in a phone call with New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie, told him to “get it done.”

Trump has been working with Congress to push through a major package of spending, including $3.9 billion for hurricane relief, in the wake of Harvey.

Trump and Christie have been working on a $1 trillion disaster relief package that would help victims of the storm.

Trump on Thursday said that the $1 billion in relief for Harvey relief would be a “game-changer” and that it would make the difference in the disaster recovery.

The White House has also said that Trump will make an announcement about $2 billion in funding for the Army Corps of Engineers, which was in charge of the floodwaters in New Jersey and New York.