How Google can pay you a lot more than you expect

Google has revealed a new way of paying people who work in its advertising services, disguised as remunerations.

A Google spokesperson told The Register it was “an example of a new, low-cost approach to incentivising people to work at Google”.

The company said it had begun testing the scheme this month.

It said it was not yet known how the new scheme would work in practice, but said it expected it to help the search giant to get its advertising business back on track.

The spokesperson said the new system would “help to reduce turnover, improve the performance of Google’s advertising network and to support the company’s continued growth”.

“The system will only work for people who have already been paid through Google’s ad network,” it added.

The spokeswoman said the payment method would work for the “most popular ads” on the Google search platform, including those on YouTube and YouTube Play.

“This includes all ads that users click on, as well as ads that are shared with the world by others on the platform,” the spokesperson added.

It was not immediately clear how the system would work on other sites.

The new system will work for Google’s search advertising platform, the spokesperson said.

It will be launched in 2018 and will be used to incentivise people who are “most valuable” to the company.

The announcement came after a recent report by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, which said Google’s paid search advertising program was failing to achieve the goals set out in its own advertising guidelines.

It also found the company was “making little progress” in its attempts to make its ad network more efficient.

A spokesman for Google said the company would “work with the authorities” to find a solution for its advertising program.

Google said it would also “help the authorities identify any issues” with its advertising platform.

The spokesman said the scheme would be “a new, simple and cost-effective way of providing incentives to people who contribute to the Google business, and will make it easier for companies to deliver better advertising for their customers.”

The spokesperson added: “We’re constantly assessing our advertising operations to ensure they deliver the best value for our users and advertisers.”

In June last year, Google revealed it was exploring a “revenue sharing” system that would allow people to earn money through advertising by sharing content with other people on its platform.

That proposal was shelved in July after the US Department of Justice said it did not consider it to be a “reasonable method” for achieving that aim.

A spokesperson for Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Monday.