‘It’s all about money’ for Pune-based Allu Arjun, who has a lucrative contract with Flipkart

Pune: Allu is the latest entrepreneur to join Flipkarts, the digital venture capital firm that has seen its valuation soar to Rs 1,000 crore.

The 30-year-old Allu, who was named the Flipkarn’s youngest billionaire in November, has a highly successful contract with the company that has made him a millionaire, his family told ET.

His latest investment in Flipkarm is for a contract to run the platform’s payment and remunerative services, he said.

“I have been working on the platform for about six months now, and I am in the process of getting a new contract to start.

I have also been working for Flipkarma for about two years.

The idea is to start a school in Pune. “

In the last two months, I have been thinking about what kind of school to go to.

The idea is to start a school in Pune.

I don’t want to go out of the city and work in a small business, so I am also looking for an office in Panchkula,” said Allum, who started the company in January 2016.

In October 2016, he was named as the youngest billionaire by Forbes India.

The former businessman said he was not surprised that Flipkarchers, which has more than 300 employees in India, was a top priority for him.

“It is just a matter of time before Flipkarpers goes mainstream,” he said, adding that he had no interest in working in other industries, but he felt it was time to move to a bigger platform.

He said he had already secured a contract with a large firm in the city, and that he wanted to get a bigger job in the future.

“Now, the only problem is getting the salary,” said a shocked Allum.

“There is a pay scale that the company is offering and I want to be paid what I want.

This is what I am trying to get my pay rate for,” he added.

Pune is known for its rich and powerful businessmen, who are often seen at weddings, weddings, birthday celebrations and other celebrations.

In January, Allum made headlines when he took the opportunity to be photographed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a wedding.

His father, Nandan Allum has been a key figure in the company.

He was the chairman of Flipkars Pune branch from 2014 to 2016.