2nd day of trial for former cop in death of officer

2nd trial for the officers involved in the shooting death of an unarmed Black man by a white officer has begun in court in Dallas.

The two officers involved are facing charges of first-degree murder and are accused of firing multiple shots at a car driven by Antonio Zambrano-Montes.

Prosecutors said Zambranos-Montés was reaching for a gun when he was shot in the back.

Prosecutors say Zambranes-Montenes hands were in his pocket at the time of the shooting, but it is unclear if he had any on him.

Prosecutors also said Zam branos hands were not in his waistband when he got shot.

They allege Zambrans hands were visible when he first got out of the car and when he pulled out a gun, so they are looking at that.

The officers’ attorneys have argued that Zambranas hands were on the gun, but not his waistline.

They have also argued that he didn’t know the officers were on their way to arrest him when he opened fire.

Prosecutors have not said whether the officers had a firearm on them at the moment of the confrontation.

They are also facing additional charges of second-degree aggravated assault.

The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office declined to comment on the charges at this time.

In court Friday, Zambrados-MontES’ attorney, Christopher W. Brown, said the officers didn’t have their guns out and were only following Zambros commands to get out of their vehicle.

Brown said he had a client in the car that Zam branes brother was driving and was in a bad mood, so he pulled up in front of Zambranes vehicle and told him to get on the ground.

He also said the officer got out his gun and shot Zambranaas son in the leg.

Brown told jurors he was trying to arrest Zambrancas son for failing to pay a court-ordered restitution check to his sister and that Zambertas son was threatening to shoot Brown.

Prosecutors did not have a comment when asked if they had asked the judge for a mental competency hearing for Zambrani-Monte.