Fox News: ‘We’ve had some of the best coverage of the Ebola outbreak’

The U.S. Department of Defense has issued a memo that outlines a new strategy for dealing with Ebola, saying it is not a new problem, but rather an evolving one.

According to the memo, the U.N. will be “in charge” of the response to the Ebola crisis, and the U of A will be responsible for managing “our own community-level response.”

It says that “a new Ebola outbreak, and a different approach to public health management,” are now underway, with the U in charge and the A responsible for “their own communities and their own communities.”

The memo also says that the U has a duty to protect the health and welfare of the American people and to “continue to be the best, most resilient community-building and prevention effort in the world.”

It’s a departure from previous policy directions, including a similar memo that was issued last month by the U, U of T, and Dalhousie University.

The memo was released on Monday as a response to a request from Fox News for comment.

The U of S said the memo was written by the Department of the Army and was prepared in consultation with the Department’s Commandant for Public Affairs, Staff Sgt. Jason M. Johnson.

“We do not have a new Ebola threat,” the U said in a statement.

“We are focused on ensuring our own communities are protected and our own systems are operational.

In addition, we continue to work with the Army to implement the Army’s response plan, including developing a comprehensive public health response plan that includes a comprehensive approach to community-based and community-specific efforts.”

The U of O also released a statement saying that the new policy is a continuation of the military’s response to Ebola.

“While it is a challenging situation for the American public, the military will continue to support and assist our local communities and communities of service members,” the statement said.

“Our military has been in close communication with the military command in Liberia to address the Ebola threat, and they have been in touch with the local communities to help with the coordination and engagement of local communities.”

There has been no public announcement from the U or the A about how the policy will be implemented.

A U of B spokesperson said the university would be in charge of the department’s response.