Man pays up for the first time in 25 years after ‘no work’ for 25 years

LONDON, ENGLAND – JANUARY 23: A worker works on a line at the British Gas gas distribution plant in London, Britain February 23, 2018.

REUTERS/Neil Hall (UNITED STATES – Tags NEWS LEAK ENGL) LONDON/GENEVA, U.K. – FEBRUARY 12: A man walks on the site of a gas distribution facility that was shut down due to the ‘gas cliff’ in New York City, New York, United States on February 12, 2018 in New Jersey.

The gas cliff, which has been blamed for increasing the costs of gas, has caused gas prices to skyrocket since 2013.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) LOS ANGELES, CA – FEB.

15: Workers walk to work at the site for the new gas distribution and storage facility, at the Southern California Gas & Electric (SCE&G) gas distribution company plant on February 15, 2018, in Los Angeles, California.

Gas prices are at record highs due to a “gas cliff” that has caused the costs for gas to skyrocket.

(credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Image) LESOTHO, IA – FEV, FEBR U.S.

A – FEIL MARCH 20: A gas station employee stands outside of the gas distribution facilities that are being shut down to keep the power out at a gas station in La Plata, Iowa, United United States March 20, 2018 on March 20: Gas prices hit record highs this week as a “new gas cliff” began to affect the price of gas in the U.s. and Europe.

The peak in gas prices comes at a time when more people are choosing to buy their own electricity as the country faces record low power demand.

(Credit: Scott Olson/Getty) LOCKET CITY, FL – FEHURST MONTH: Workers at a station at the Sunoco gas station are seen in front of the Suncor gas distribution station in downtown Lockport, Florida, United Kingdom March 20.

REUTERS /Jonathan Drake (UNKNOWN) LEXINGTON, KY – FEI, JAN U.C.A. DE L’EMPELETE: A sign is seen outside of a storage facility that is being closed down due the “gas line” in Louisville, Kentucky, United