Dr. John A. Turok is getting a lot of money for his work with the Ontario Hospital Authority, but he’s not getting paid enough

Dr. Tirok’s practice in Scarborough is an international one, and it has earned him millions in the last decade.

He’s received more than $1.5 million since 2013, according to the provincial government’s annual reports.

He earns about $150,000 per year as a member of a team of doctors that are supposed to coordinate with hospitals and doctors to deal with emergency patients.

In his role, he’s also responsible for making sure that patients receive the appropriate care.

In the past year, however, he hasn’t been paid as much as he might have been, according a CBC investigation.

Tsurkov was recently told by the Ontario government that he would receive a monthly payment of $2,500, but it wasn’t enough to keep him on his schedule and keep him from having to take sick days, according, to the CBC.

“If he’s working, he gets paid,” says Tsurk, adding that the money he’s been paid so far has been minimal.

His work for the hospital is so vital that his wife is worried he won’t be able to work as a nurse because his health would suffer.

He recently lost a hearing to remove the hearing aid from his wife’s head and, after a year of treatment, she had to have two hearing aids implanted in her ears.

“She can’t get through a shift without them,” Tsurky says of the hearing aids.

Travkin’s doctor, Dr. Shlomo Aviram, is also on his side.

He says his doctor is being paid a lot more than the other doctors he works with.

“The way they are paying us is, when I see them, I get the message that they are in the hospital and it’s all right to work,” he says.

Aviraman says he has been paid $1,500 a month for the last five years and the payment is based on how many days he’s in the ER and how many surgeries he has.

“We get paid based on the number of surgeries we perform,” he said.

The provincial government says it doesn’t know why Tsurkovs salary is so high and doesn’t want to comment on individual cases.

The Ministry of Health has said that doctors should be compensated in a similar way to other public health professionals, such as nurses, social workers and psychologists.

But Tsurkish’s wife says the pay is not right.

“I feel that he’s being paid way more than anyone else, which is absolutely not fair,” she says.

Tereza Shlova says she’s frustrated with the way the province treats its doctors.

She’s frustrated that the provincial health agency doesn’t provide a salary for doctors.

“They should pay us and we should be able do what we want and get paid the money we want,” she said.

In a letter to Tsurka’s wife, the Ontario Ministry of Labour says, “The current wage structure for Ontario Health Care Services doctors and staff is based upon a system of wage scales which are based on a set of predetermined levels and which are determined by the health authority and are subject to revision.”

The ministry adds that it will take the matter to the Health Ministry for a formal review, and that it’s up to the Ontario Medical Association to take a position on the matter.

Health Minister Eric Hoskins said in a statement that his department will review the pay structure for doctors and nurses.

“It is our expectation that health care professionals in Ontario will be paid in a manner that reflects the needs of their patients, the quality of care provided and the health and safety of their colleagues,” Hoskins wrote.

“Our review will examine the circumstances under which health care services are paid and how to ensure they are paid in accordance with the needs and priorities of patients and employees.”