Mashable’s interview with CEO James Gosling on the rise and fall of The Daily Show

Mashable: Why are you running for president?

James Goslings: It’s because it’s the right thing to do.

The Daily show is not the right place for me to be and not the time.

And I love The Daily program.

It’s like the best job in the world.

I think it’s important to take that opportunity.

The only time I ever took that chance was when the show came to an end, and then it was like, what the hell happened?

The show was like my life.

The best job.

But now it’s gone.

It was just so much fun to be part of the Daily Show.

So I’m running for President of the United States because it is the right time to do it.

Thats the only reason I’m here.

And you know, I think its a great opportunity.

So you are going to see some of the most incredible news that you never see in the mainstream media.

So this is my chance to shine.

Ive been working on this for years.

And the people have been working so hard.

Theres no way that they can not have the most accurate news on the planet.

So thats the great thing about the media.

You get to tell the stories that really matter.

And theyre always going to try to push you into certain angles.

And then its up to you to decide what that angle is.

But Ive always felt like the media is too quick to put the spotlight on things that are actually happening, like the weather or the weathermen or the government, or the war.

And its just a shame that its not as quick to say something about real issues that are really important.

And if its true that the media wants to say, well weve got this big news story that needs to be shared, thats what we do, thats the way we do it, thats how we work.

But thats not how we get it right.

That is just not how people actually do things in this country.

So theres no doubt in my mind that we can change that.

And we need to get the word out that this is not a partisan thing.

It isnt about politics.

This is a real crisis.

We have a real emergency here in the country.

We need a real leadership.

And that is a leadership that is going to stand up for you.

And when the world looks at what you are doing, thats not a great look.

So Im running because I feel like this is the most important job in America.

And to take this job is the only way that I know how to do that.

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