When does remunerative bonuses begin?

Breitbart News’ Senior Editor-at-Large, Michelle Fields, and Senior Contributor, Steve Bannon, will discuss the importance of the remunerations system for all employees, as well as the importance and importance of salary transparency, during an exclusive discussion with Breitbart News readers.

The full audio is available below:Fields: Hi, Steve, Michelle.

How is the economy doing?

Bannon: It’s good.

Fields: How about the unemployment rate?

Bannon : The unemployment rate is down.

Fields : How about overall economic growth?

Bannon [shouts]: It’s way down.

But there’s still lots of people out there looking for work, so there’s a lot of job creation going on.

Fields [points to her bank statement]: Yeah.

Bannon: The stock market, it’s up again, you know?

Fields: You know, it went up yesterday.

Bannon [points]: It went up today.

Fields is a senior staff writer for Breitbart News, and is a regular contributor to Breitbart News.

She is also the author of the forthcoming book “Bannon, The Rise of Trump’s White House Chief Strategist.”

Bannon is a former White House counselor to President Donald Trump.