Deepika Padukone is the woman who has been blamed for a botched attempt to bribe India’s PM

Deepika Prakash, India’s prime minister, has long been accused of using her influence over the government to get favors and perks from her business partners and donors, according to a new book by a former minister and former US ambassador to India.

But the book, Deepika’s Daughter, paints a more complicated picture of the Indian government, which has been accused by human rights groups of suppressing criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.

The book also alleges that Modi, the former president of India and current prime minister of India, is guilty of crimes including rape and murder of prominent activists, including activists and journalists who have been critical of Modi’s policies and his family.

In the book’s introduction, a former cabinet minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, describes how, in 2011, he tried to bribe Modi, then the prime minister-designate, with a large sum of money to prevent him from appointing a new prime minister.

He said that Modi was unhappy with the appointment of his son, Arvind, as the next prime minister because he was not a Hindu nationalist.

Prasard, a retired lieutenant colonel who was in the Cabinet at the time, told the Times of India that the offer was accepted.

Prasad wrote that he then met the prime minster at his office in the prime ministers residence and “suggested the offer” as a “means of appeasing him.”

The prime minister’s secretary said he didn’t want to talk about the offer because it was private and that he had nothing to hide.

The two agreed to the deal.

The offer was for $150 million.

But within hours, Prasada told the newspaper, the offer had changed to a much larger sum.

He also said that Prasadeh had asked him to pay him a bonus.

In fact, the book says, the prime Minister’s Office (PMO) “had instructed its lawyers to go after” him.

The book also states that after the PMO informed the Delhi High Court that the money was a bribe, Prachad had a “confrontational” meeting with the chief justice of India.

The court, however, ordered the PMOs lawyers to stop investigating Prasadic’s case, saying that they had been “wrongfully accused.”

The book claims that Prachads lawyer, Praveen Kumar, told a court that the PM’s office had been working on a report about Modi’s “political connections” and that Pradeh was involved in “an attempt to obtain a bribe.”

In his book, Prashant said that during that meeting, Kumar told him that Prasey’s lawyer had told the court that Modi’s political connections had been a “fringe conspiracy.”

Prashad said Kumar told the primeminister that “this was not an attempt to gain favours, but a conspiracy by a disgruntled minister to get him appointed as PM.”

After that, Prasesad claims, he was asked to “defend the PM and his government,” and he refused.

In addition to the allegations against Prasads family, the PM Office also claims that Prakish is a victim of “seditious activities.”

In her book, Padukoni says that the Prime Minister was also an “opportunist” who wanted to take control of India by paying off his rivals, especially those from the Congress party.

Padukoni said that when the prime ministry failed to address a report on corruption in the Modi government, the Indian Supreme Court ordered the prime ministerial secretary to investigate.

Padukonis book said that in that investigation, “the Prime Minister himself was found to be guilty.”

According to Padukonis book, the court ordered that the prime’s office investigate Prasades family as well.

In its report, the Supreme Court said, “We are satisfied that the government did not take effective steps to prevent the corruption.”

However, the government has denied the allegations.

In a statement, PMO spokesperson Rajesh Kumar said that Padukons allegations were “baseless” and “unfounded.”

“It is clear that there are no allegations of corruption at the PM office,” Kumar said.

The prime minister and his son were not available for comment.

The Times of Israel reported that Prashans lawyer, who was involved with Padukones case, told news agency Agence France-Presse that “we have no record of any investigation of Padukas case by the PM.

The PMO has been completely cooperative with the investigation.”

A senior minister in the Bharatiya Janata Party said that the case is a “witch hunt.”

“The PMO is playing the witch hunt to silence dissent and criticise the government,” said Prashan Nandkishore, the party’s deputy chief of staff.