Microsoft to make ‘free’ cloud computing service available for free on Xbox One

Microsoft will soon be offering a free cloud service for its Xbox One console.

The free cloud gaming service will launch on February 11, Microsoft announced today.

The service will allow people to play games on Xbox Live, download games from the internet, and stream their own content to the console.

It’s unclear whether the service will be available for other consoles, including the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The Xbox One is the only console that offers the service at launch.

Microsoft did not specify whether Xbox Live’s free subscription fee will be waived for users who buy a second Xbox One.

Microsoft has not announced pricing for the free cloud services, but has said that it will offer more details on pricing later this week.

The free cloud plans also will allow gamers to play online against friends on a gamepad.

The service comes on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement earlier this month that it plans to launch its own video streaming service, Xbox One X, on February 17.

The new console will cost $499 for the base model and $599 for the higher-end Xbox One S, which includes an Xbox controller.

Microsoft also announced plans to begin offering the Xbox One to developers and consumers on February 20.

Microsoft also announced this month to launch a new cloud service called Xbox Music.

The streaming service will offer access to more than 10 million tracks by popular artists and bands, as well as music videos and videos that are exclusive to Microsoft’s cloud services.

Microsoft’s Xbox Music service is expected to launch in early 2017.