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eht Ontario remunerated by the province for working as a caregiver in nursing homes and assisted living facilities is $2,900 a month.

That’s about $1,800 less than the province paid to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for each person who had a nursing home or assisted living facility license.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services said that it was not possible to calculate the difference in the costs of the two licenses because the provincial agency did not provide the required information.

eht Ontarians are paying more than $1.7 million annually to care for seniors who are homebound, according to the province’s most recent audit.

In the 2017-18 fiscal year, the province spent $834 million on nursing homes, assisted living, home-based care and day care, compared to $547 million for home-breathing seniors.

This is $1 million more than the ministry estimated it was spending on all of those services, according the audit released Tuesday.

For comparison, the provincial government paid out $1 billion to the provincial Crown corporation for services in nursing home, assisted-living, home care and home-to-home care.

The province did not have a specific budget for nursing home and assisted-labor programs, the audit said.

In total, Ontario spent $11.6 billion on nursing home care, $6.7 billion on assisted-life care, and $3.3 billion on day care.

This includes $2.6 trillion for home care.

For home-by-day care, the ministry estimates the cost at $1 trillion, according.

The provincial government’s budget for home health care was $11 billion.

For day care it was $5.6 million.

The audit also found that seniors and their families were paying more for nursing homes than they did for day care because seniors were more likely to live alone and were more dependent on daycare.

The ministry said the cost of caring for seniors was an issue that it looked into in 2017-19, when it recommended the government raise home care fees from the current $25 to $50 per month, but that it did not change the system because it felt that it needed to improve the efficiency of home care for all seniors.

The government said it had not adjusted fees since then.