What is Remuneration Crossword Cheat Code?

A mystery code has been popping up on various websites that will let you crossword clues for free.

This is the first time we’ve heard of it, and it’s one of the more baffling mysteries that have emerged in recent weeks.

A recent blog post from the company CrosswordTrip offered a link to the website, which apparently allows people to earn an “exclusive” $50,000 reward if they complete a puzzle in “only 5 minutes”.

The code is only offered for those who are on the same “crossword trip” and “remunerated” by the company.

It’s unclear whether this code is an attempt to fool you into giving the reward, or if the reward is actually offered for a certain amount of time.

The code, which was shared on the Crossword Trip forum, looks like a simple word puzzle.

A question on the site asks: “How many words is it?”

And a “5-minute puzzle” prompt pops up: “In 5 minutes, you can earn $50K for completing this puzzle”.

The answer is “5”, which means it will take 5 minutes for you to complete the puzzle.

The site is offering a reward of $50.99, and the code has not yet been sent out.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

There have been many other puzzling clues that have popped up on the web.

Last week, an anonymous person who posted a picture of a QR code on Instagram claimed to have cracked the QR code for a £1,000 prize, which he described as “the most lucrative puzzle of all time”.

A man from a British travel agency claimed to “hack” the “most profitable puzzle of the century”, according to his Instagram post, which contained a screenshot of the QRcode and the message “the answer is $50k”.

Last month, the UK’s Daily Mail claimed that it had cracked a puzzle code for £200,000, which claimed the answers to more than 100 questions.

Earlier this month, an Australian travel agent claimed to be able to crack a code that was worth $2.7 million, and a travel agency in Singapore also revealed that it was able to win the “Most Expensive Travel” prize at the 2018 World Economic Forum.