What’s the best remunerative payout in Tamil cinema?

RBS and Malayalam actor-turned-director Manoj Keshavan, who has been making movies in Tamil for the past two decades, says the best way to earn a living in Tamil film is to have a lot of films, and that’s exactly what he does.

In his latest film, Mango, he stars as a former football player who goes to college, where he gets into a football match with the local team.

After losing his scholarship, he starts working as a coach and ends up making money doing it.

“I make a living through this.

My parents do it too.

They make a lot.

But the best thing is, you do it on the weekends.

You get to travel.

You meet a lot more people,” Keshavans son Anil, the lead actor, told reporters in New Delhi.

Keshavas salary ranges from Rs 2,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh.

He told NDTV that he earns the most money from the film he makes as a result of a lot hours of work and constant travel.

“There is a lot to do.

I have a huge team of directors, writers, cinematographers and cinematographer assistants.

They are all professionals.

The most important thing is that I am doing this for myself and not for them.

I am just doing what I do for my family,” Khesavas son Anis said.

Manoj Kesavas family is based in Chennai.

He has a house and three cars, and lives on Rs 15,000-20,000 per month.

Keshava’s film has received many awards and awards are regularly given out in the Tamil film industry.

His films have won many awards, including Golden Globe, Cinemax Award, AIFF Award, IFC Awards, Bollywood Film Award and other awards.