How to tell if you’re in a bad job interview

A new NHL Salary Cap video series will take a look at how to tell the difference between a low-paid worker and a high-paid manager.

The series, titled How to Tell the Difference Between a Low-paid Worker and a High-Paid Manager, will be posted Friday by

In the video series, NHLPA President Donald Fehr and Hockey Canada Director of Player Personnel Keith Ashford explain the different types of workers in the NHL.

They will discuss how salary is determined, how it can be used to compare managers, and how managers are compensated.

The videos are expected to take the internet by storm.

The NHLPA has been posting salary information on its official website for a few years.

In a previous video, the league released salary information from a previous season, which led to speculation about the validity of the data.

However, the NHLPA said the data it posted in 2015 was accurate.

The NHLPA and NHLPAPA Executive Committee were unable to reach an agreement on the validity and accuracy of the salary data at the time.