Nani actor earns ‘remunerated’ remunerations

Nani actress, Nani Akhtar, is earning “remunerative” remunerative blood donation (RTE) payments of R2.2 million ($1.6 million) for each of her three-hour performances as a member of a film crew for a local TV channel, RTE has reported.

The actress, who is also a singer and songwriter, was selected to play a role in a documentary by a local television channel in February 2016, the broadcaster said.

Nani, who has been acting for more than 20 years, has been nominated for several awards including the Golden Globe for her role in “Shaun the Sheep” in 2012.NANI Akhtar in the film “Shake Me Off” (2016) (RTV-Sawant)The actress was nominated for a Golden Globe in the same category for “The Last Day of My Life” in 2011.

The documentary, directed by Sajjad Al-Mouadif, was based on Nani’s life and her role as a singer in a film festival in the city of Kolkata in India’s southern state of Kerala.NANI is expected to perform her “Shaken” performance on November 18 in a local film festival, RTV-Telegraph reported.

Nanis parents, Rani and Anjum Nani, had paid a visit to the TV channel’s office on January 31 and were impressed by the work of the director, said the news agency.

According to the report, the network had paid Rani Rupesh and Anju Rani Rs2.8 million ($4.1 million) and Rs2 million each for the three-hours performances.

The channel also paid Rupashi Rupash Rani a salary of R1 million ($7,300).

The channel had paid for a travel agency for Rani, Anju and their family, and had also arranged for their parents to attend the film festival.RTE said it was not aware of the amount of remittances paid to Nani and did not know whether she had been compensated with money from the agency or other sources.

Nans father Anjus, who works in the entertainment industry, had not been paid a salary by the network for three years, the report said.RTV said it had not received any requests for remittance payments to the actress.

Ranaut’s chief executive, Abdul Razzaq, said Ranaut was “confident that this matter is being investigated thoroughly”.

He also said the network was taking steps to ensure the safety of its employees.

Rabu Sajajad, who oversees RTV, said he was aware of “the reports that have been made about Rani’s salary”.

He said the RTE news agency was “under pressure” from “anti-government elements” and was in the process of being taken off air.