How to pay your directors in Spain

A tax office in Spain has taken a cue from the UK and created a new system that lets directors of companies and directors of entities pay their own directorship tax.

The new system is designed to allow for the payment of more than $30,000 a year directly to the directors.

This means that directors could now earn more than they otherwise would under the current system.

Under the new system, the amount paid by directors would be based on their level of directorship, rather than on the number of shareholders in their company.

Under Spanish law, directorship directors are responsible for all corporate and financial matters.

They are also responsible for the financial affairs of their company, including the pay of their directorship.

Under a tax office that has become a model for other countries, the director has to make a payment to the tax office, or if the directors can’t make it, the payment is passed onto the shareholders, who can also make it.

The directors will not be able to receive a direct payment, but the directors’ salaries and the company’s share of the revenue will.

It’s a much more equitable way to distribute a company’s profits and is expected to encourage greater cooperation between the tax authorities and directors, the tax authority said in a statement.

The law, which is currently in the planning stages, was approved in March, although the new tax system is still being discussed by Spain’s central bank.