Malaysia actor who played a lion in the movie “A Walk in the Woods” receives $1 million payout

Malayalam actor Malay Srinivasan, who played the lion in a popular Malay-themed movie “Walk in the Wood,” was paid a whopping $1.2 million for his role in the $20 million film, the film’s producers said Wednesday.

Malaysia Film Council Chairman Sujata Singh said Srinasan received $1,000,000 for his portrayal of the lion as he fought for the safety of a human being and a group of wild animals in the film, which opened this month.

The award is the largest remunerative award in cinema history, Singh said.

The film, based on the popular book “A Journey in the Jungle,” won five awards in Malaysia’s Pali film festival, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor.

Srinivasans role as the lion is one of the many memorable moments in the story.

In the film he plays an ordinary man who becomes a member of a group called the Lion Clan after being rescued from a zoo by an ape.

Srinivans performance as the animal, however, is not as well-known as the other characters.

Singh said Sranas contribution in the storyline was a major part of the film.

He said Sreeram had also written the script.

Sreeraman, the son of Indian immigrants, said he was inspired to do the film after he read the script of “A Dog in the Road” and realized he could do a better version of the story than he had in the book.

He said he wanted to take the characters beyond their traditional roles and make them part of a broader narrative, adding that he wanted them to be a part of society and have a positive impact on the world.

The $20.5 million movie opened in Malaysia on Oct. 18, just days after Srinias’ father was assassinated.

Sreeroam said he decided to take on the role after watching the film on television.