New Delhi slams Karnataka government over ‘lavanya’ travel scandal

New Delhi, India—India’s new government has slammed Karnataka’s government over a new travel scandal.

New Delhi slammed the Karnataka Cabinet on Thursday, accusing the state government of “maliciously and capriciously” undermining the country’s reputation and economy by allowing “lavanya” to be used as a “pre-paid hotel” in Karnataka, and “fleeing” to “southern parts of India.”

In a statement, India’s commerce minister Gopal Rai said, “We have already lodged our complaint to the Karnadesh government, and will take all necessary measures to bring the situation under control.

We also have directed the Chief Minister to ensure that the authorities of Karnataka are properly trained to handle such situations.”

Rai said he would not comment further on the allegations against Karnataka but said he was “extremely concerned” by the situation and had instructed the chief secretary to “take prompt action.”

A spokeswoman for the Karnayas chief minister, Kanimozhi, also denounced the move.

“The Karnataka state government is yet again acting maliciously and capsiously by allowing lavanya to be booked in a hotel and leaving the state with the intention to go to southern states,” a statement on the state’s website read.

“This is totally contrary to the government’s promises and the rules.”

Kanimozhiri’s government has also banned lavanya and other similar travel.

The Karnataka Tourism Ministry, which oversees travel in the state, said the ban was “in line with Karnataka laws, rules and guidelines.”

Karnataka’s travel ban is in place because of “illegal activities” and “violations of Karnashistic culture,” said a statement from the tourism ministry.

The Karnadesh Tourism Ministry said it has “indicated to all those booked at such hotels that they will be held accountable for any misbehaviour, and we will take necessary steps to prevent the issue from recurring in the future.”

Raju Singh, Karnataka director of the Indian Council of Historical Research and Cultural Heritage, said he has received no official notification on the Karnas ban but “we can only presume that it is being done under the guise of combating the issue of lavanya.”

Ravi said Karnataka is now a “free-rider country” and has “no jurisdiction over Karnataka.”

“We have been under a state of siege for some time now,” he said.

“If Karnataka wants to be a free-rider, then it should just follow the rules, not let the Karnashists play tricks on us.”

Khan said the Karnasaras travel ban will be enforced in the coming days, adding, “The Karnishas travel agency is under our jurisdiction and we are taking action against those who are violating the law.”