How the Serie A transfer window worked – The best, worst, best-case scenario

With the transfer window opening just over three weeks away, here are our predictions for the best, the worst and the best-scenario scenarios of the Italian transfer window.

ForwardsThe transfer window is the last chance for players to prove themselves and to be signed up for next season.

If a club is willing to offer a reasonable price for the player, they will be given the chance to move.

The best scenario would see the player sign a contract with a team in Serie A, then move to Serie B. That would mean he’d be eligible for promotion from Serie B and would get a contract in Serie B that would run for four years.

However, the best scenario is that the player is given the opportunity to play in the Champions League.

If he stays in Serie F, he’d then be eligible to join the Premier League.

The worst scenario would be that the club offers a better offer and he’s not able to negotiate his way out of the deal.

In that case, he could be given a year in Serie D.

If he is a free agent and a new club is interested in signing him, they should offer him a contract worth at least €3.5m a season.

That will be the average fee for a player in Serie E, the second division and the Serie B, and would be more than €4m a year if he’s a free transfer.

In the worst scenario, the player decides to leave Serie A. He would not be able to play a season in Serie C or the Serie E for at least four years and could only join Serie B or the Premier Leagues.

In Serie B:The best and worst scenario in terms of the players transfer is as follows:In the best case scenario, Juventus offer €5m for the goalkeeper, €1.5 for the striker and €250,000 for the midfielder.

If they offer €2.5 million for the forward, Juventus would have a chance of signing the defender.

In Milan, Juventus are reportedly looking to bring back Leonardo Bonucci to the Rossoneri, with Milan asking €1m for him.

Milan are also interested in Loic Remy, who is a transfer target for Manchester City.

In Juventus, Mario Mandzukic and Leonardo Bonanucci have both been linked with the Bianconeri.

In Italy, Mario Gomez and Federico Macheda have both had offers rejected.

In Lazio, the Biancocelesti have offered €5 million to Juventus, but the player has reportedly rejected the offer.

In Udinese, the former Roma star will reportedly leave the club for €1 million.

In Atalanta, the Sassuolo midfielder, Marco Borriello, has reportedly asked for €2 million.

In Milan, Alessandro Florenzi is being linked with a move to Juventus.

In Roma, Alessio Cerci and Gianluca Spalletti are reportedly close to a move, but Juventus have not yet made an offer.

As for the other transfers, the most likely scenario is for Atalantans deal to be accepted.

Juventus will receive €1 billion in revenue and at least one of the three players will join the club.

Roma are expected to receive around €600,000 per year, although they would likely have to pay for one player, as they would only be getting €5,000 a year.

The second scenario would involve Atalanti getting a loan from Inter to strengthen their squad.

The Italian side are currently in Serie Nacional, which is one of Serie B’s lowest leagues, and are yet to sign a player.

Inter are currently looking at two players: Luca Motta and Marco Fabian.

If the Italian side were to loan out one of their players to Atalante, that would be a great move.

The transfer fee would be around €2m, but if the player did not play a game in Serie V, then it could cost Roma a lot more.

In Bologna, Udinese are reportedly interested in Udinese’s Nuri Khedira and are looking to sign him.

Udinese have reportedly received offers of €15m and €30m for Khediri.

In Parma, Massimiliano Allegri is looking to strengthen his squad with the signing of Mario Balotelli, a move that would cost Inter around €15 million.

If Balotella did not have the opportunity of playing a game for Inter, then Inter could easily recoup the fee.

Parma have also been linked to the signing the former Liverpool midfielder Luis Suarez.

The Uruguayan was reportedly keen on joining Inter, but did not want to leave Liverpool, and had already expressed his desire to leave Anfield.

In the end, the two sides reached an agreement to sign Suarez, but a few weeks ago, the Uruguyan was released by Liverpool.

In Inter’s case, Antonio Conte is looking for an experienced left